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ANSIBLE-VAULT(1) System administration commands ANSIBLE-VAULT(1)


ansible-vault - encryption/decryption utility for Ansible data files


ansible-vault [create|decrypt|edit|encrypt|encrypt_string|rekey|view] [options] [vaultfile.yml]


can encrypt any structured data file used by Ansible. This can include group_vars/ or host_vars/ inventory variables, variables loaded by include_vars or vars_files, or variable files passed on the ansible- playbook command line with -e @file.yml or -e @file.json. Role variables and defaults are also included!
Because Ansible tasks, handlers, and other objects are data, these can also be encrypted with vault. If you’d like to not expose what variables you are using, you can keep an individual task file entirely encrypted.
The password used with vault currently must be the same for all files you wish to use together at the same time.


ask for vault password
--new-vault-id NEW_VAULT_ID
the new vault identity to use for rekey
new vault password file for rekey
the vault identity to use
vault password file
show program’s version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose
verbose mode (-vvv for more, -vvvv to enable connection debugging)


encrypt the supplied file using the provided vault secret
output file name for encrypt or decrypt; use - for stdout
re-encrypt a vaulted file with a new secret, the previous secret is required
encrypt the supplied string using the provided vault secret
-p, --prompt
Prompt for the string to encrypt
-n, --name
Specify the variable name
output file name for encrypt or decrypt; use - for stdout
Specify the variable name for stdin
open and decrypt an existing vaulted file in an editor, that will be encryped again when closed
create and open a file in an editor that will be encryped with the provided vault secret when closed
decrypt the supplied file using the provided vault secret
output file name for encrypt or decrypt; use - for stdout
open, decrypt and view an existing vaulted file using a pager using the supplied vault secret


The following environment variables may be specified.
ANSIBLE_CONFIG — Override the default ansible config file
Many more are available for most options in ansible.cfg


/etc/ansible/ansible.cfg — Config file, used if present
~/.ansible.cfg — User config file, overrides the default config if present


Ansible was originally written by Michael DeHaan. See the AUTHORS file for a complete list of contributors.


Copyright © 2017 Red Hat, Inc | Ansible. Ansible is released under the terms of the GPLv3 License.


ansible(1), ansible-config(1), ansible-console(1), ansible-doc(1), ansible-galaxy(1), ansible-inventory(1), ansible-playbook(1), ansible-pull(1),
Extensive documentation is available in the documentation site: IRC and mailing list info can be found in file, available in:
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