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B43-FWCUTTER(1) User Commands B43-FWCUTTER(1)


b43-fwcutter - Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware


b43-fwcutter [ OPTION] [DRIVER]


b43-fwcutter can extract the firmware for your Broadcom 43xx hardware from different closed source drivers. The b43 driver depends on these firmware files and can't work without them.
Currently b43-fwcutter supports Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux drivers, but keep in mind that b43-fwcutter doesn't support all driver versions.
b43-fwcutter bcmwl5.sys
to cut the firmware out of bcmwl5.sys


List supported driver versions
Only identify the driver file (don't extract)
-w|--target-dir DIR
Extract and write firmware to DIR
Extract alternative initvals (only 3.10.x.x)
Print b43-fwcutter version
Print help information


b43 development team,
2014 b43-fwcutter