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LSINITCPIO(1) mkinitcpio manual LSINITCPIO(1)

lsinitcpio - Examine an initramfs

lsinitcpio [action] [options] image

Examines the contents of an initcpio image. Without any options, lsinitcpio simply lists the contents of an image.

-a, --analyze
Analyze the contents of the specified image and print output in human readable form.
-c, --config
Show the configuration file the given image was built with.
-l, --list
List the contents of the archive. This is the default action. Pass the -v flag for more detailed results.
-x, --extract
Extract the given image to the current working directory.

-h, --help
Output a short overview of available command-line switches.
-n, --nocolor
Disable color output.
-V, --version
Display version information.
-v, --verbose
Be more verbose. In particular, show long style output when listing the contents of an image, and show files as they are extracted when the -x option is given.

Upon writing this manpage, there were no noticeable bugs present. Please visit for an up to date list.


lsinitcpio was created by Dave Reisner <>

Copyright (c) Arch Linux 2011-2012
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