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PHYSFS_Stat(3) physfs PHYSFS_Stat(3)

PHYSFS_Stat - Meta data for a file or directory.

#include <physfs.h>

PHYSFS_sint64 filesize
PHYSFS_sint64 modtime
PHYSFS_sint64 createtime
PHYSFS_sint64 accesstime
PHYSFS_FileType filetype
int readonly

Meta data for a file or directory.

Container for various meta data about a file in the virtual file system. PHYSFS_stat() uses this structure for returning the information. The time data will be either the number of seconds since the Unix epoch (midnight, Jan 1, 1970), or -1 if the information isn't available or applicable. The (filesize) field is measured in bytes. The (readonly) field tells you whether the archive thinks a file is not writable, but tends to be only an estimate (for example, your write dir might overlap with a .zip file, meaning you can successfully open that path for writing, as it gets created elsewhere.

See also:



like modtime, but for file access time

like modtime, but for file creation time

size in bytes, -1 for non-files and unknown

File? Directory? Symlink?

last modification time

non-zero if read only, zero if writable.

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