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AMSYNTH(1) User Commands AMSYNTH(1)

amsynth - a two oscillator subtractive software synthesizer

amsynth [options]

amsynth is an easy-to-use software synth with a classic subtractive synthesizer topology.

The following options override those in the config file ($HOME/.amSynthrc).
show a help message
show version information
run in headless mode (without GUI)
-b <file>
use <file> as the bank to store presets
-t <file>
use <file> as a tuning file
-a <string>
set the sound output driver to use [alsa/oss/auto(default)]
-r <int>
set the sampling rate to use
-m <string>
set the MIDI driver to use [alsa/oss/auto(default)]
-c <int>
set the MIDI channel to respond to (default=all)
-p <int>
set the polyphony (maximum active voices)
-n <name>
specify the JACK client name to use
automatically connect jack audio ports to hardware I/O ports. (Default: true)

Configuration for amsynth.
Banks and others.

If AMSYNTH_NO_GUI is set, amsynth is started in headless mode (without GUI).
Specifies the directory from which amsynth should load its skin.

If you find a bug or if you would like to propose a new feature, please report it at .

Nick Dowell and contributors. See complete list in amsynth’s “Help” -> “About” dialog.

The initial version of this manual page was written by Olivier Humbert <> on September 06, 2016 as a part of the LibraZiK project (and can be used by others).

January 2017 amsynth 1.9.0