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APPER(1) Apper User's Manual APPER(1)

apper - An application and package manager using PackageKit

apper [--updates] [--settings] [--backend-details] [--type mime-type] [--name name] [--file file] [--resource font] [--catalog file]

Apper is an interface for PackageKit

Apper is able to manage packages, applications and updates in a cross-distribution way thanks to the PackageKit project.

It is providing Linux® users a single application that they can learn and use in whatever distribution they are.

Show available updates


Show Apper configuration page.


Display information about the backend PackageKit uses at time.

--type mime-type

Call the mime-type installer.

--name name

Install package with the name name.

--file file

Install package providing file file.

--resource font

Install a font resource.

--catalog file

Install the package catalog in file.

More information about Apper can be found at the Apper website[1].

The maintainer of Apper is Daniel Nicoletti <>; This manual page was written by Matthias Klumpp <>.

Daniel Nicoletti <>

Matthias Klumpp <>


the Apper website
2016-11-28 apper 0.9.3