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AUTHVAR(1) General Commands Manual AUTHVAR(1)

authvar - handles authenticated variables for pesign

authvar [-?] [-a|--append] [-d|--certdir=<certificate directory path>] [-c|--clear] [-s|--set] [-N|--namespace={<namespace>|<guid>}] [-n|--name=<name>] [-t|--timestamp=<time>] [-v|--value=<value>] [-f|--valuefile=<file>] [-i|--import=<file>] [-e|--export=<file>] [-S|--sign=<nickname>] [-?|--help] [--usage]

authvar is a command line utility for handling authenticated UEFI variables.

-a, --append
append to variable

-d, --certdir=<certificate directory path>
specify nss certificate database directory (default: "/etc/pki/pesign")

-c, --clear
clear variable

-s, --set
set variable

-N, --namespace={<namespace>|<guid>}
specified variable is in <namespace> or <guid> (default: "global")

-n, --name=<name>
variable name

-t, --timestamp=<time>
timestamp for the variable

-v, --value=<value>
value to set or append

-f, --valuefile=<file>
read value from <file>

-i, --import=<file>
import variable from <file>

-e, --export=<file>
export variable to <file> instead of firmware

-S, --sign=<nickname>
sign variable with certificate <nickname>

-?, --help
Show this help message

Display brief usage message

June 2015