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BGLJFILE(1) General Commands Manual BGLJFILE(1)

Bgljfile - a Jvm Access File Generator

bgljfile [ options ] file ...

Bgljfile is a Jvm Access File generator. It produces file that suits Bigloo option -bgljfile. A Jvm Access File is a scheme list. Each elements of that list is a list of at least two elements: a module name, the Java class file that implements that module.

Is an file implementing a module. Bgljfile reads that file to discover the name of the implemented module.

Set the Jvm base package.

-o <file>
Print Module Access File into file. The default is to print the list on the standard output device.

-suffix <suf>
Adds suf to the bgljfile source file suffixes list. Default suffixes are "scm", "sch" and "bgl".

If the three files exists and contain legal Bigloo module clause, then:

$ bgljfile foo.scm bar.scm gee.scm

could print out a list like:


(foo "./foo")

(bar "./bar")

(gee "./gee")


bigloo(1), bgldepend(1), bglmake(1), bglpp(1), bglprof(1), bgltags(1)

Mar 8 2001