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BGLPROF(1) General Commands Manual BGLPROF(1)

bglprof - display call graph profile data for Bigloo programs

bglprof [ options ] [ objfile [ gmon.out ] ]

bglprof is a front-end to the gprof program. Any option that applied to gprof suits for bglprof. bglprof reads an extra monitoring file, the bmon.out file. This file is generated when executing a program that has been linked by Bigloo making use of the -p option. See the glprof manual for an detailed documentation.

verbose mode.

Here is the sequence of commands to get a Bigloo profile:

$ bigloo foo.scm -p -unsafe -O4 -c

$ bigloo foo.o -p -unsafe -O4 -c -o a.out

$ ./a.out

$ bglprof

bigloo(1), prof(1), gprof(1)


Aug 15 1998