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ebook-viewer - ebook-viewer
ebook-viewer [options] file


Whenever you pass arguments to ebook-viewer that have spaces in them, enclose the arguments in quotation marks. For example: "/some path/with spaces"

從控制終端中斷連線( 如果有 )( 僅限Linux )
--full-screen, --fullscreen, -f
If specified, the E-book viewer window will try to open full screen when started.
--help, -h
The position at which to open the specified book. The position is a location or position you can get by using the Go to->Location action in the viewer controls. Alternately, you can use the form toc:something and it will open at the location of the first Table of Contents entry that contains the string "something". The form toc-href:something will match the href (internal link destination) of toc nodes. The matching is exact, If you want to match a substring, use the form toc-href-contains:something. The form ref:something will use Reference mode references.
If specified, the E-book viewer window will try to come to the front when started.

Kovid Goyal

Kovid Goyal
9月 25, 2020 5.0.0