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reportview - ask KWeatherService to display a weather report

reportview; [KDE Generic Options] [Qt Generic Options]

reportview is not intended to be used directly.

reportview is a small program that asks KWeatherService to display a weather report. Information shown includes the temperature, wind speed and air pressure.

KWeatherService is a DCOP service used by both reportview and the kweather panel applet to provide weather data. There is no need to start KWeatherService separately; reportview will start the service itself if needed.


More detailed user documentation is available from help:/kweather (either enter this URL into Konqueror, or run khelpcenter help:/kweather).

kweather was written by Ian Reinhart Geiser <> and Nadeem Hasan <>

This manual page was prepared by Ben Burton<>

Ben Burton <>
2003-04-07 [FIXME: source]