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KCOOKIEJAR5(8) kcookiejar5 User's Manual KCOOKIEJAR5(8)

kcookiejar5 - Command line interface to the KDE HTTP cookie daemon


[-h, --help] [-v, --version] [--shutdown] [--remove domain] [--remove-all] [--reload-config]

kcookiejar5 is a command line interface to the HTTP cookie store used by KDE, a D-BUS service to store/retrieve/clean cookies.


Show help about options.


Show version information


Shut down cookie jar and the D-BUS service.

--remove domain

Removes cookies for domain from the cookie jar.


Removes all the cookies from the cookie jar.


Reloads the configuration file.

kcookiejar5 is a command line tool to access the kded module which manages cookies in Konqueror and other KDE applications.

When started without parameters it loads the kded module to provide the dbus interface to store cookies.

When kcookiejar5 is started with some parameters, it does additional tasks to the cookies jar it provides, like removing the cookies from one domain.

kf5options(7), qt5options(7)

Please use KDE's bugtracker[1] to report bugs.

Waldo Bastian <>


Dawit Alemayehu <>


KDE's bugtracker
2015-07-31 Frameworks 5.13