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واجهة مستخدم البرنامج(1) أوامر المستخدم واجهة مستخدم البرنامج(1)

modem-manager-gui - simple graphical interface for Modem Manager daemon.

modem-manager-gui [ -i ] [ -m module ] [ -c module ] [ -l ]...

This program is simple graphical interface for Modem Manager 0.6/0.7, Wader and oFono daemons using dbus interface.
-i, --invisible
لا تظهر النافذة عند التشغيل
-m, --mmmodule
Use specified modem management module
-c, --cmmodule
Use specified connection management module
-l, --listmodules
List all available modules and exit

Written by Alex. See the about dialog for all contributors.

Report bugs to <>, or to the support forum section at <>.

Copyright © 2012-2017 Alex
This is free software. You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License <>.

Nov 2017 Modem Manager GUI v0.0.19