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pacreport - display a summary of installed packages

 pacreport [options]
 pacreport (--help|--version)

Generate a report of installed packages including:
unneeded packages installed explicitly
unneeded packages installed as dependencies
installed packages not in a repository
packages missing from specified groups
missing package files
unmerged backup files
unowned files
cache directory sizes

Package sizes include dependencies not needed by other packages.

Set an alternate pacman configuration file path.
Set an alternate sync database extension.
Set an alternate database path.
Set an alternate installation root.
Set an alternate system root. See pacutils-sysroot(7).
Set an alternate cache directory path.
Search for .pac{save,orig,new} files. By default only /etc is searched; pass twice to search outside /etc.
Display any packages in group name that are not currently installed.
Check for missing package files.
Check for unowned files. See /etc/pacreport.conf under FILES for more information.
Display usage information and exit.
Display version information and exit.

INI-style configuration file listing paths to ignore when run with --unowned-files. Paths which should always be ignored may be specified with "IgnoreUnowned" in the "Options" section. Paths which should only be ignored if a particular package is installed can be listed under the section "PkgIgnoreUnowned" using the package name as the option name and the path to be ignored as the value. All options can be specified multiple times. Paths may include shell-style globs. The installation root should not be included in paths.

 IgnoreUnowned = home/*
 IgnoreUnowned = proc/*
 IgnoreUnowned = mnt/*

 linux = boot/initramfs-linux.img
 linux = boot/initramfs-linux-fallback.img
2019-03-22 pacutils