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profile-cleaner(1) profile-cleaner(1)

profile-cleaner - Reduce the size of browser and some email program's profiles by organizing their sqlite databases using sqlite3's vacuum and reindex functions. The term "browser" is used loosely since profile-cleaner happily works on some email clients and newsreaders too.

profile-cleaner [option]

Profile-cleaner is a very simple shell script that will invoke sqlite3 to vacuum and reindex databases belonging to supported browsers and email clients. It is compatible with profile-sync-daemon so users need not stop psd before calling profile-cleaner. In fact, profiles will clean much faster when they are synced to tmpfs via psd.

Clean chromium's profile
Clean conkeror's profile(s)*
Clean firefox's profile(s)*
Clean falkon's profile
Clean google-chrome's profile
Clean heftig aurora's profile(s)*
Clean icecat's profile(s)*
Clean icedove's profile
Clean Inox's profile
Clean midori's profile
Clean newsbeuter's profile
Clean opera's profile
Clean thunderbird's profile(s)*
Clean tor-browser's profile
Clean seamonkey's profile(s)*
Clean palemoon's profile(s)*
Clean the defined paths

*Profile-cleaner will parse the respective profiles.ini file and clean all profiles defined therein.

Profile-cleaner will create $HOME/.config/profile-cleaner.conf the first time it is invoked. Users may define a color scheme therein based on their terminal background color. The default is a dark scheme for dark colored terminals. The file is commented and self-explanatory.

Clean all firefox profiles:

 $ profile-cleaner f
Clean chromium profile:

 $ profile-cleaner c
Clean the user defined profile:

 $ profile-cleaner p /path/to/profile

Currently, the following are supported:
  • Chromium (stable,beta,dev)
  • Conkeror
  • Firefox (stable,beta,aurora)
  • Google-chrome (stable,beta,dev)
  • Heftig's version of Aurora (
  • Inox (
  • Midori
  • Newsbeuter
  • Opera (stable, next, and developer)
  • Seamonkey
  • Thunderbird
  • Tor-browser

Sample output invoking the firefox option (your mileage will vary).

 $ profile-cleaner f
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/cookies.sqlite reduced by .87 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/signons.sqlite reduced by .41 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/downloads.sqlite reduced by .56 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/chromeappsstore.sqlite reduced by .03 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/urlclassifier3.sqlite reduced by 43.10 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/formhistory.sqlite reduced by .11 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/addons.sqlite reduced by 0 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/permissions.sqlite reduced by 0 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/content-prefs.sqlite reduced by 0 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/extensions.sqlite reduced by 0 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/webappsstore.sqlite reduced by 0 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/OfflineCache/index.sqlite reduced by 0 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/search.sqlite reduced by 0 Mbytes
 /home/facade/.mozilla/firefox/zee52krz.default/places.sqlite reduced by 9.98 Mbytes
 firefox profile reduced by 55.06 Mbytes

Should you wish to contribute to this code, please fork and send a pull request. Source is freely available on github:

None known.

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09 March 2018