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WICD-CURSES(8) System Manager's Manual WICD-CURSES(8)

wicd-curses - curses-based wicd(8) controller

wicd-curses is a curses-based network controller that uses the Wired/Wireless Internet Connection Daemon (wicd) to control your network connections. It is suitable to run in terminal multiplexers like screen(1).

It is designed to imitate the GTK-based wicd-client(1) as much as possible, and uses the Urwid ( console widget library to vastly simplify development.

This man page only documents the current status of wicd-curses. This may/may not be the most up-to-date document.

All of these are case sensitive.
C or enter
Connect to selected network
F8 or Q or q
Quit the client.
Disconnect all devices from network connections
If connecting to a network, stop doing so
F5 or R
Refresh the network list
Bring up the preferences controller
Bring up hidden network scanning dialog
H or h or ?
Bring up a rather simplistic help dialog. Of course, it mentions this man page first. :-)
Raise the "About wicd-curses" dialog
Bring up network configuration controller for the selected network
Delete the selected wired network profile (from the wired network combo box at the top)
Rename the selected wired network profile (from the wired network combo box at the top)
Bring up instructions on how to edit the scripts. I have implemented a way to do this in the interface itself, but making it function with all Linux distros would be difficult. Since you are reading this, you should know how to do what I suggest. ;-)
Raise the Ad-Hoc network creation dialog
Show the list of saved wireless networks, to be able to remove them

Reminder that your network configuration files are not here ;-)

wicd-client(1), wicd(8)

Probably lots. ;-)

If you happen to find one, ask about it on #wicd on freenode, or submit a bug report to

Andrew Psaltis <>

Adam Blackburn <>
Dan O'Reilly <>
David Paleino <>
December 2009 wicd-curses-uimod