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packages/packages/openmpInclude static library in the packageJakub Klinkovsk√Ĺ7 hours
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7 hoursInclude static library in the packageHEADpackages/packages/openmpJakub Klinkovsk√Ĺ
42 hoursarchrelease: copy trunk to extra-x86_64foutrelis
42 hoursupgpkg: openmp 9.0.1-2: Build with LIBOMP_INSTALL_ALIASES=OFF.foutrelis
2019-12-30db-move: moved openmp from [testing] to [extra] (x86_64)foutrelis
2019-12-29db-move: moved openmp from [staging] to [testing] (x86_64)foutrelis
2019-12-29archrelease: copy trunk to staging-x86_64foutrelis
2019-12-29upgpkg: openmp 9.0.1-1: New upstream release.foutrelis
2019-10-10db-move: moved openmp from [testing] to [extra] (x86_64)foutrelis
2019-10-08db-move: moved openmp from [staging] to [testing] (x86_64)foutrelis
2019-09-27archrelease: copy trunk to staging-x86_64foutrelis