AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-07upgpkg: aurutils 2.3.3-1HEADmasterAlad Wenter
2019-10-26upgpkg: aurutils 2.3.2-1Alad Wenter
2019-03-17aurutils: update checksums/signatureAlad Wenter
2019-02-22upgpkg: aurutils 2.3.1-1Cedric Girard
2019-02-19upgpkg: aurutils 2.3.0-1Cedric Girard
2019-01-25.install: fix comparisonJames Alad Bork
2019-01-25update to 2.2.1James Alad Bork
2019-01-22update to 2.2.0James Alad Bork
2019-01-16Update to 2.1.0James Alad Bork
2019-01-11update to 2.0.1Alad Wenter
2019-01-10remove redundant DESTDIRAlad Wenter
2019-01-10update to 2.0.0Alad Wenter
2018-03-28Add backports for various issuesrunical
2018-02-15aurutils: issue #274Alad Wenter
2018-01-27rebase patchesAlad Wenter
2018-01-27aurutils: update patchAlad Wenter
2018-01-27aurutils: update to 1.5.3-6Alad Wenter
2017-10-14aurutils: github issue #261Alad Wenter
2017-10-06expand tabsAlad Wenter
2017-10-06aurutils: backports for aurbuild -sAlad Wenter
2017-09-10aurutils: fix license arrayAlad Wenter
2017-09-07aurutils: add GPG signatureAlad Wenter
2017-04-13remove check functionAkelea Nahalel
2017-03-08Update to 1.5.3Alad Wenter
2017-03-08Update to 1.5.2Alad Wenter
2017-03-081.5.1 re-releaseAlad Wenter
2017-03-07Update to 1.5.1Peter van den Hurk
2017-03-07Update to 1.5.0Alad Wenter
2016-12-28Update to 1.4.2Alad Wenter
2016-12-28Update to 1.4.1Alad Wenter
2016-12-27Update to 1.4.0Alad Wenter
2016-10-25Update to 1.3.6Peter van den Hurk
2016-10-04Update to 1.3.5Peter van den Hurk
2016-09-11Update to 1.3.3Alad Wenter
2016-09-08Switch to git tags, cherry-pick aurbuild fixAlad Wenter
2016-09-04Update to 1.3.2Alad Wenter
2016-07-29Update to 1.3.1Alad Wenter
2016-07-28Update to 1.3.0Alad Wenter
2016-07-28Update to 1.2.3Alad Wenter
2016-07-26Update to 1.2.2Alad Wenter
2016-07-23Update to 1.2.1Alad Wenter
2016-07-22Update to 1.2.0Alad Wenter
2016-07-09Update to 1.1.2Alad Wenter
2016-07-03Update to 1.1.1Peter van den Hurk
2016-06-29Update to 1.1.0Peter van den Hurk
2016-06-10bump 1.0.2Alad Wenter
2016-05-28bump 1.0.1Alad Wenter
2016-05-18bump 1.0.0Alad Wenter
2016-05-16bump 0.9.1Alad Wenter
2016-05-04bump 0.8.5Alad Wenter