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masterIncremented pkgrel.Joey Dumont6 months
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2019-07-26Incremented pkgrel.HEADmasterJoey Dumont
2019-07-26Hotfix for blas dep.Joey Dumont
2019-07-26Changed to CMake.Joey Dumont
2019-07-20Switched to GH as source, as Berkeley changed their website and I couldn't fi...Joey Dumont
2018-12-20Fixed the pdf path.Joey Dumont
2018-12-19Fixed merge.Joey Dumont
2018-12-19Updated PDF.Joey Dumont
2018-07-29Added -DUSE_VENDOR_BLAS to the flags.Joey Dumont
2018-06-21Fixed merge conflict.Joey Dumont
2018-06-21Added staticlibs to the package.Joey Dumont