[jlk] repository

To enable the repository in pacman.conf:

Server = https://jlk.fjfi.cvut.cz/arch/repo

Packages in the repository are signed with a subkey of my PGP key. The fingerprint of the signing key is 932BA3FA0C86812A32D1F54DAB5964AEB9FEDDDC. See the pacman/Package signing page for details.

The package listing is available at /arch/repo/. There are modified packages from the official repositories as well as AUR packages (mostly unmodified). The PKGBUILDs of all packages are available in git repositories.

Modified packages from the official repositories have the original name and are members of the modified package group. It is assumed that IgnoreGroup = modified is present in the pacman.conf, therefore you have to manually upgrade the package whenever a new version appears in the repository. Remember that for each manual upgrade, the repository name has to be specified as well, i.e. run pacman -S jlk/pkgname. Compared to releasing packages with different name, this strategy is advantageous for me because pacman notifies me whenever the modified version falls behind the version in the official repositories.